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Вышел патч 2.10.19714

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Разработчики выпустили патч, который исправляет множество ошибок в балансе, тексте, предметах и т.д.
Ранее данный патч был доступен только в бете-тесте.

Полный список исправлений:

  • Fixed Crash in Coop Lobby when trying to join;
  • Fixed Atlantis Legendary item drop rate;
  • Fixed Eternal Embers Legendary item drop rate;
  • Fixed bug Marksmanship skill doesn't grant projectile speed bonus;
  • Epic login overlay won't appear unless you Launch the game with Epic Crossplay;
  • Fixed issue with Breath Attack skill - cast in opposite direction when moving - controller;
  • The merchants maximum purchasing price has been changed from 750 000 to 350 000 gold;
  • Replaced old starting gear with new ones, unsellable ones (5 new items : Spear,Axe,Bow,Staff,Amulet).These Items now only give minor bonuses relevant to their item type. All resistances are given based on how many set items you have.
  • Changed the starting gold to 3 000 000;
  • Changed the starting Attribute points to 156;
  • Corrected the Northener’s Axe setup - now it properly roll affixes;
  • Updated values of resistance on Dragon King’s Talon;
  • Added blocker door for Suns fight so player can't exit the area when fight is initiated;
  • Balanced stats on several Monsters: Shade and Water elemental, Terracotta general, Monster Hero Wraith, Xennu, Narsas, Nythri ;
  • Added Icon for the debuff Nova in the Suns fight;
  • Updated Mortuary Temple back entrance dungeon, added small secret passage to reach blocked area (provide purpose to this small dungeon now);
  • We have increased the drop chance of unique items from boss loot containers;
  • Added Neidan potions to Shuo in the Ascent. Reduced potion prices;
  • Added {^K} for relics and charms before the description in order to display different color for these sentence;
  • Removed offensive ability from Ahmose's Ceremonial Axe, Entropy, Gan Jiang's Razor, Pharaoh's Legacy and Zhou's Duty;
  • Removed offensive ability from armour pieces Leggings of Swift Justice, Helm of Tenacity, Ao Guang's Fury;
  • Changed elemental damage to 150-200 and reduced attack damage converted to health to 5% for Enthropy Axe;
  • Fixed Sesketesh loot table where he was dropping only legendaries;
  • Fixed Sihai not dropping repeat loot after 3rd fight;
  • Decreased amount of enemies around the Ghost Pirate Captain boss;
  • Updated mesh on armor Anubite Mantle;
  • Added obelisk sound to Akhenaten fight;
  • Created inventory icon for DragonKingAmulet;
  • Added DragonKingStaff and fixed DragonKingSpear positioning;
  • Added Dragon King spear, bow, axe and staff;
  • Removed Dragon King's set items from unique loot tables;
  • Fixed Sihai talk animation ;
  • Increased the primary and the repeat Orbs drop chance on Suns (Final Bossfight);
  • Moved “Assign this skill to your left mouse button” from Breath Attack skill to Huangdi’s Favor;
  • Corrected wrong loot tables that were dropping starting gear legendaries;
  • Fixed Neidan only provided +1 dexterity instead of the +2 dexterity mentioned;
  • Fixed Consequences and Echoes of the Ancestors skills, so they have full level scaling for all stats;
  • Fixed French loca bug with Echoes of Ancestors tooltip where it did not show damage right when level is increased with item equipment;
  • Stop character from rotating towards the enemy if using gamepad;
  • Fixed bug with German and Russian language to show correct format ‘{%+.0f0}% ‘;
  • Small typo fix on German language name changed to “Wasser” instead of “Waser”;
  • Fixed the issue where Spawned monsters can become stuck in place due to chest collision;
  • Fixed the issue where enemy did not increase in quantity when there are more players in COOP;
  • Canopic Jars and Porcelain Pots have reduced drop chances from 2, 4, 6 and 8%, to 1, 2, 3 and 4%;
  • Fixed issue where some Monsters did not have mana so they could not use their abilities;
  • Fixed SFX callbacks, added death body fall sound for Akhenaten;
  • Replaced english SFX with Localized SFX for Akhenaten, Akhenaten Cult Zealot, Huoshen, Mogwai Taskmaster, Pirate Captain, Sanshou, Ten Suns, Terracotta General, Zazamankh;

    Changes to new Mastery:
  • Consequences apply with all attacks;
  • Potent elixir - now gives poison, life leech and bleeding resistance along with HP/Energy regen when you drink a potion;
  • Essence of Jade - gives movespeed, attack speed and casting speed while not drinking a potion;
  • Added green pfx to the Essence of Jade so there's a visible difference when specced into it;
  • Convergence moved to be untethered between Shen Pao and Echoes of the Ancestors in the UI;
  • Blessing of Jin Chan moved to the far right, when loot does spawn, it’s always gold and maybe a regen potion - chances low, VFX are chinese cash coins flying all over next to the slain enemy that triggered the passive;
  • Terracotta Servant - Can have two at higher levels, no longer hurts itself with the flame aura (makes the soldier more brittle though), aura activates only when in combat, they now have a melee skill they can use, shatter does piercing/bleed damage and reduces enemy HP;
  • Breath attack renamed to “Dragon’s Flame”;
  • Description for mastery skill Shen Pao has been changed;
  • Description of mastery skills: Essence of Jade and Voice of Ancestors has been changed;
  • Changed the modifiers for the Target Level Equation in the Unique items loot tables from base game values ,more inline with Atlantis values. This tilts the drop rate curve more towards higher level items making late game unique items (EE, Ragnarok, Atlantis) drop more than early game unique items;
  • Fixed bug with: Aura of Tranquility reflecting damage is killing the player;
  • Fixed Force Move
  • Fixed XPack4 content not being visible to Editor and Viewer
  • Fixed coop bug with Terracotta Servant ability where the spawned soldiers were not attacking;
  • Fixed bug with a door at the beginning of Great Osiris Temple that closes when someone walks through it and it could not be opened;
  • Removed spellcaster items from Daiyu merchant;
  • Fixed Pathing issue in Elemental Cave Earth;
  • Fixed Pathing issue on destroyed bridge in Rice Fields;
  • Updated mastery skills descriptions for better understanding (this needs localisation still so it will be only on English for now);
  • Fixed issue when Bao Vendor was not spawning if player restarts the game for the 3rd time;
  • Fixed issue with the bandit spawning with a bow in his right hand trying to punch the player with it;
  • Fixed issue with Zazamankh repeats his initial dialogue line upon clicking on him again second time;
  • Made Zazamankh initiation dialog a bit more robust;
  • Changed music with Zazamankh bossfight;
  • Added SFX for Exhumed Medjai Twister Skill;
  • Made the Suns arena door close when players clicked on shire , preventing players from leaving the arena once the fight started;
  • Fixed interactive waterfall decoration in Thebes City, replaced with non-interactive version;
  • Fixed floating sarcophagus and stone slabs in Solar Temple of Ra near Imhotep;
  • Fixed Floating stone blocks in Abydos Necropolis;
  • Fixed Floating pillar in Asyut Encampment;
  • Refined secret chamber in Abydos Crypts level 1. Changed tileset to better fit the aesthetic of the dungeon, added further polish and relinked entry;
  • Altered Yu's Sacrifice - boosted dmg and removed stun chance;
  • Fixed issue with The message “Leave the mausoleum” is not updated in the quest window;
  • Added more death animations for bandits and monks;
  • Updated monster stats: Fixed monster classification, fixed missed gold chance, fixed missed distress call groups;
  • Added additional music to Scorched Ridge, Ascent, Yaoguai encampment/Marshlands, Egypt miniboss fight;
  • Added reward to Jun Flavor NPC in PingYang;
  • Replaced Akhenaten Sand spell with more appropriate SFX;
  • Fixed minor text bugs in Russian,German,Italian,Polish and Spanish languages;
  • Fixed some overlapping text issues with Chinese language;
  • Fixed some overlapping text issues on Japanese language;
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    1 MaPKu3 • 15:07, 2022-01-16
    Ахахах началось
    2 wiklauriluka6 • 16:35, 2022-01-16
    Скрипт консолья в трейнере пришлось поменять
    3 Angel7836 • 14:22, 2022-01-18
    А по руски можно
    4 soul-eater4702 • 13:31, 2022-01-21
    Здесь что ни одного консольного игрока?Или они все побросали консольную версию после первых же глюков!? Так исправили они на консоли режим на двух игроков (а точнее убрали разделение экрана или нет,скажите пожалуйста хоть кто-нибудь)?
    5 Psihopatrik • 09:57, 2022-02-08
    Нет нечего не поменялось, будем надеяться хотя бы последнее длс на консоли завезут.
    6 soul-eater4702 • 10:52, 2022-02-08
    Это ответ мне? если да то жаль..думало хоть что-то сделали как следует. А насчет ДЛСа так это конечно, можете не сомневаться точно завезут .