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Разработчики продолжают поддерживать игру и выпускают новый патч с кучей новых изменений и улучшений.

New Content :
  • New dungeons - To enter them you need to collect 3 unique keys for each dungeon;
  • 2 new item sets that can be obtained when clearing the dungeons;
  • All the dungeons have new (retextured) monsters with boss fights and traps;
  • New Electrum transmuter Shrine.

    Other Fixes/Changes :
  • Made Electrum to be given on creature kill per act and per difficulty
  • Made some balancing in electrum economy
  • Fixed Broken Atlantis item set called Priest of Ba’al Hammon
  • Added Energy Cost and Recharge reduction to character window stats.
  • Moved Weapon Base as Elemental and Weapon Damage as Health to 3rd tab.
  • Fixed bug when players could buy grayed out Orbs at Electrum transmuter
  • Fixed Energy and Recharge cost not being capped on the characters' window stats.
  • Fixed Crash when killing enemies in areas without ZoneData setup
  • Upgraded Talos’ 100 Poison & Vitality resistances to proper immunities
  • Ancient of the Soil now summons more centipedes
  • Ancient of the Soil now uses his skills more tactically
  • Centipedes summoned by the Nerthus cult now survive their masters
  • Ancient of the Forest’s bear now survives its master
  • Lord of the Fjord MI & unique equipment chances increased
  • Lord of the Fjord health increased
  • Lord of the Fjord casts Freezing Blast in melee range
  • Tiamat passively deflects some attacks and projectiles
  • Tiamat learned new skills and tactics
  • Changed damage of Tiamat’s bricks from Fire to Physical
  • Changed damage of Atlantis final boss’ geysers from Cold to Fire DoT
  • Ylva is now of “Human” race
  • Increased HP on Loki
  • Increased damage & disruption on Surt’s two-hand slam
  • Lena learned to dodge melee attacks in flight
  • Set unified proc chance of 20% on all Troll Tusks charms
  • Added damage reduction effects to Troll Tusks charms
  • Increased proc chances and slow effects on Fungoid Spores charms
  • Corrected sell value of Rigid Carapace charms
  • Corrected sell value of legendary Demon’s Blood
  • Corrected sell values of epic Hades charms
  • Corrected sell values of all Atlantis & Ragnarök relics
  • Corrected sell values of all Atlantis & Ragnarök charms
  • Corrected Frostburn duration on Hiemal Decapitator to 3s
  • Reduced attack speed on Mjolnir to match the description
  • Reduced total damage buff on Torc of the Ancestors to +10%
  • Reduced base damage on Dagger of Dawn
  • Tartarus Block & Dodge debuff now reduces values by 75 & 40
  • Gave voices to Tartarus merchant NPCs
  • Lowered Ascacophus roar volume
  • Life Drain Wards (from Lost Soul mages) now last longer and survive their creator
  • Life Drain Wards now do notable damage & scale
  • Life Drain Wards now properly heal their allies
  • Crippling wards (from Lost Soul heroe) now properly cast their debuff
  • Crippling wards are now also used by some mages
  • Removed inactive +% bonuses from the “chance of” list on Archimedes’
  • Cogwheel and Shard of the Elements
  • Added a chance for +% Elemental Damages to Shard of the Elements
  • Tripled “Absorption of Spell Energy” stat on Archimedes’ Cogwheel
  • Fixed attack speed debuff not working on Spear Dance
  • Fixed missing hero properties on Salt Mine quest boss
  • Added short cooldowns to item-triggered projectile skills
  • Fixed Scroll of the Meteor creating no projectile
  • Fixed Scroll of the Meteor damage values & scaling
  • Fixed Scroll of Creeping Death damage values & scaling
  • Added new effects to Creeping Death’s contagious debuff
  • Tweaked Ladon’s poison spit effect and frequency
  • Added item stats to Sword in the Stone
  • Added drop chance for lost Ragnarök parchment
  • Halved conversion chance on Aphrodite’s Favor and doubled duration
  • Reduced %OA reduction but doubled OA bonus on Sargaris Tartarus
  • Changed poison to DoT on Desert Dweller’s Club
  • Tweaked Dvergr death sounds
  • Increased loot amount of Atlantis final boss by ~15%
  • Added a number of new Rings & Amulets to Atlantis area
  • (Item skills without detail text trigger on potion / on kill / on kill while afflicted)
  • Removed armor value from Bandit King’s treasure
  • Vince (Secret Passage) aligned with his Chi
  • Fixed multiple pathing issues
  • Thrown weapons now also use prefixes that substitute OA bonuses for Projectile Speed
  • Thrown weapons can now have prefixes that boost Rogue, Hunting or Rune Mastery skills
  • Fixed Alboran Sandals hiding the character’s legs
  • Increased (irrelevant) duration of Battle Standard’s aura to always 99s
  • Renamed Helmet of Valhalla’s item skill
  • Corrected name of Fafnir’s Orb
  • Doubled pet reflection bonus on Shine of Pandia ring
  • Rebalanced Canopic Jar and Porcelain Pot and Sarcophagus drop rates
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    1 Mucmep • 21:52, 2022-07-08
    Интересно новое DLC будет или нет... :D
    2 Упырь0883 • 22:11, 2022-07-08
    а где ссылка чтоб его скачать?
    4 alex2fsan • 08:30, 2022-07-10
    В стиме поищи
    3 a12784 • 11:05, 2022-07-09
    Кто нибудь уже нашёл новые пещеры?
    5 vlad_zaytsev_1998 • 06:03, 2022-07-12
    Можно сказать что да
    6 Steve_Hades • 19:35, 2022-07-12
    А где входы в новые локации? (только без спойлеров, какие там враги :D )