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Вчера 16.05.2022, разработчики порадовали новым огромным патчем. Патч включает в себя огромное количество исправлений, а также новшества в интерфейсе и геймплее.

Основной список изменений:

New features:
Curse Shrines
Curse Shrines would be an area in the gameworld, where unique shrines exist that can place a certain kind of curse on the player in exchange for other rewards.

Once a Curse is activated it will stay active until the player deactivates it via one of the cleansing shrines. The shrines are located in Helos at the very beginning of the game.

A new currency, Electrum, is gained from killing monsters with curses active. The more Curses are on the player the more Electrum is being provided. Electrum is a new currency that players can Transmute later into special Orbs that will give players special gears.

Note: Orbs containing items from any expansion that the player does not own, will still drop items from those expansions. However those items will be unusable until the player has acquired the required DLC.
Description of the Orbs mention a key , this key is not expected to drop for now;

Overhaul of the Character window screen
In order to provide additional information to the players, a third tab had been added to the Character screen and some stats from the second tab had been moved there. Some additional information, like stats breakdown, is displayed on mouse hover.

Added audio/visual indicator when an Epic or Legendary item is dropped: the item icon and the name of the item will appear on hover on the Mini Map, and the audio indicator is heard when the item drops from killed mobs.

Visual updates and issues fixed:
Fixed issues with black void appearing instead of fog in multiple regions (Olympus, The Great Wall, Temple of Poseidon)
Fixed an issue where item descriptions could stay on the screen while the player moves or zooms in/out
Urns/Pots; added dust particle effect when opening
Created new Icons for the Shrine Debuffs

Level Design fixes and improvements:
Mortuary Temple: Black Sarcophagus now has a rare trap spawn
Forgotten Tombs: Fixed areas where clipping occurred near some walls
Funerary Temple Ruins: Added wraith champion variants
Eternal Embers Secret Passage: Added missing reward chest to Anzara’s chamber
Collapsed Catacombs secret level: Widened some narrow corridors for better visibility
Fixed issue where player could clipp in to the stairs near Aetolian Polis
Solar Temple of Ra: Replaced Greek dead soldier with Egyptian, polished some misplaced assets
Flooded Temple of Sobek: Added extra soft lighting
Burial Vaults: Added extra soft lighting, added door after the Anubis chamber, added boss reward chest in final chamber
Great Osiris Temple: Blocked certain area with camera obstruction, refined pathing in second level, further polish work
Abydos Crypts: Fixed areas where camera view was obstructed, added some minor soft lighting, rescaled oversized sarcophagi decorations
Fixed pathing issue under bridge at Swabian Jura

Fixed pathing and other accessibility issues:
Fixed pathing inside wall sections of The Great Wall to prevent player clipping or getting stuck
Fixed multiple pathing issues in various regions of the AE, where a player could fall through a bridge and get stuck underneath: City of Delphi, Knossos, Parnassus Hinterland (Act I), Artisans Quarter in Memphis (Act II), City of Chang'an, Jinghe River Valley, Jade Palace (Act III), Celestia (Act IV)
Fixed multiple pathing issues, where a player could fall off the dock into the water: City of Megara (Act I), Rhakotis (Act II), Shores of Scandia (Ragnarok DLC)
Fixed issues with pathing in the Dvergr Mines (Ragnarok DLC) causing a player to drop under the playable area
Added cage door to the secret passage in AE, to prevent players from getting stuck
Fixed an issue with a chest spawning in the wall inside of Great Hall of Propontis

Performance improvements:
Removed vista in Tiamat Arena and improved performance in Tiamat boss fight
Further optimized the performance of various Atlantis DLC regions (Atlantis city, Garden of the Hesperides, Atlas mountains, Coral Temple)
Optimized the performance of some regions from the AE (City of Paseron, Athens Swamp)

Updates to monster stats, skills and loot tables:
● Mummy (Eternal Embers)
Fixed Mummies excessively high MI drop rate

● Mummy - High Priest of Osiris (Champion)
Added new skill ‘Conjured Sphere’: Ranged attacks which fragments up to x4 pieces dealing cold, frostburn and fire damage
Removed Ice Shards skill and reduced summoned skeletal minions from 3 to 2
Aura: Removed damage reflection, now correctly deals Cold and Mana Burn, updated Fx

● Mummy - High Priest of Ra (Champion)
Added new skill ‘Electrum Orbs’: Ranged attack with multiple projectiles dealing elemental damage and burn DoT
Removed Meteor and Aesir Ray skills
Aura: Removed damage reflection, now correctly deals Fire and Lightning DoT, updated Fx

● Mummy - High Priest of Anubis (Champion)
Aura: Removed damage reflection, now correctly deals Vitality and Life Leech DoT
Removed Abyssal Lich Give/Take Life skills

● Mummy - High Priest of Set (Champion)
Aura: Removed damage reflection, now correctly deals Poison DoT
Reduced Scarab summons to 4 with a maximum of up to 6

● Mogwai Abettor (Champion)
Added new skill ‘Bloodseeker’: Ranged attack with x2 projectiles that fragment on impact, deals bleeding and life leech damage

● Monk Rhapsodist (Champion)
Replaced Trance of Empathy (damage reflect) with Trance of Convalescence (Health regen, damage absorption)

● Skeleton - Sharpshooter (Champion)
Updated mesh with cold fx visual to help distinguish as a champion

● Wraith
Wraith’s disruption skill: increased 'attack delay’ between casts to help reduce spamming of this

● Sesketesh, Wielder of the Sands (Hero)
Slightly buffed default melee attack

● Nemethikaa Keeper of the Ancients (Hero Liche)
Added a chance to drop Liche Mi’s

● Amnesh the Scorpionmancer (Hero)
Reduced chance to equip Heretic Staff Mi, can now drop Ceremonial Armbands Mi (fixed drop values)

● Akhenaten Zealots (melee)
Fixed loot drops, now have a chance to equip unique 1h weapons, including Desert Dweller’s Club Mi

● Akhenaten Zealots (caster)
Fixed loot drops, now have reduced chance to equip Heretic Staff Mi, also removed 'Pocketsand’ skill (reserved this for champion variant)

● Akhenaten Crier (Champion)
Reduced chance to equip Heretic Staff Mi (fixed drop values), slightly increased cast frequency of 'Pocketsand’ skill

● Ichthians (melee/caster/champion/hero)
Fixed loot drops, reduced chance to drop helm Mi and updated equipped weapon values, reduced chance to cast Ensnare net, replaced Blasphemer champions Force Shield with Energy Shield

● Feiyi
Increased Life
Increased Min and Max damage for Poison Spit
Added DOT for Poison Spit skill
Increased Min and Max damage for Tail Stab
Added Spider Widow Toxic bite: Melee attack that deals Life leech, poison DoT and slowing
Added Hero poison attack: Poison DoT to attacks with +10% poison damage (passive)

● Ghost Pirate Captain
Increased Life
Increased Spell Cast Speed
Now summons Drowned Sailors instead of basic white skeletons (with increased HP)
Added new skill ‘Arcane Mines’: Summons x10 mines around the caster which deal cold, frostburn DoT and 10% chance to freeze for 1-3 seconds
Added new skill ‘Enchantment Spirit Blade’: when active this skill adds cold and poison damage to attacks
Added Ether Strike: melee attack dealing vitality damage
Adjusted Ether Strike skill values
Added physical damage passive bonus

● Shen
Increased Life
Increased OA
Added Storm Nimbus: Adds cold and lightning damage to attacks
Added Passive damage bonus

● Exhumed Medjai (SQ)
Added Pierce, Poison, Life Leech and Trap resistances
Increased Strength, Life and Mana
Decreased Intelligence
Increased Run speed
Increased Mana regeneration
Increased Dodge and Deflect projectile
Added Plaguebird_TransmitDisease: Adds Poison DoT and reduces resistances (passive)
Added OpenWound: Adds bleeding DoT (passive)

● Mogwai Taskmaster (SQ)
Added Physical and Pierce resistances
Increased Life and Mana
Increased Run Speed and Attack Speed
Added Onslaught + Modifiers: Melee attack which charges up, increasing physical damage with every hit
Added Bladehoning: Buffs piercing damage

● Sanshou
Increased Life and Mana
Added Adrenaline: When activated applies health regen, -%recharge, increases physical and bleed damage

● Houshen
Added Physical, Pierce and Stun resistances
Increased Life
Increased OA
Added Wildfire: Ranged static AoE dealing fire and burn DoT, reduces OA
Added FireNova: Expanding ring dealing high fire and burn DoT, also impairs aim
Added Volatility: Buffs physical, fire and burn damages (passive)
Fireblast Skill - Increased attack delay on this from 5 to 9, reduced the skill level from 15 to 12 (therefore reducing stun time duration from 4 to 3 seconds)

● Zazamankh
Added Physical, Fire, Sleep, Stun and Trap resistances
Decreased Poison and Vitality resistances
Increased Life and Mana
Increased Run Speed, Attack Speed and Spell Cast Speed
Added Life regeneration
Increased Mana regeneration
Added Ternion + Arcane Lore: Allows x3 projectiles to be cast with increased projectile speed
Added CorpseOrbs: Slow moving orbs which explode on contact dealing elemental damage
Added new skill ‘Consuming Vortex’: Casts a static AoE dealing Burn and Electrical DoT
Added new skill ‘Summon Dark Obelisk’: Summons x4 Mummified Guardians
Added new Pet monster - Mummified Guardians:
Use Chaos Blade weapon enchantment: When active adds fire, lightning and mana burn to attacks
Zealot Molten Strike: Melee attack that deals burn DoT damage, Life leech and has a chance to lower player’s primary resistances
Detonates on death
Added new skill ‘Necrotic Discharge’: AoE skill with high vitality and bleeding damage
Added LifeDrain Beam (long range only)

● Terracotta General
Increased Life and Mana
Increased DA
Added new skill ‘Imperial Battle Standard’: Buffs caster and nearby allies with increased physical damage, health regen, offensive ability, electrical burn DoT and 25% chance of 2-4 secs of confusion
Added new skill ‘Ancient Bonespire’: Sends forth x2 bone spires wave attacks which deal high physical, pierce and minor vitality damage
Added Shen Pao Bombs: Casts out x3 bombs which have a chance to debuff and deal elemental damage
Added General Judgement: Melee trample attack dealing physical and bleeding damage

Other fixes:
Fixed issue with: Changing HUD Style to Titan Quest will cause problems with the third tab and player won't be able to open it;
Added loot Orb to FeiYi
Fixed Global Multipliers to show for DOT damage types : Burn Damage, Frostburn Damage, Electrical Burn Damage
Fixed issue where Client was not able to purchase Orbs from Electrum Vendor
Made Two decimal long global multipliers
Fixed issue with: Player able to clip through the newly added stairs in Helos;
Fixed global multipliers on Life and Energy leech
Fixed issue with: When a player clicks on the scroll for the first time in Helos where the new shrines are it reads normally, but when clicking on it a second time it won’t appear normally. It disappears every time a player tries to read it;
Fixed: Spellbreaking enemies causing players to lose shrine debuffs/buffs;
Added a modified "trap resists" skill without Mana Drain Resistance. Replaced "trap resists" skill on any summoning Obelisks with this new skill. (The passive skill is just a modified copy of the "trap resists" skill. The one difference being that it no longer grants the Drain Resistance.Not a crucial change, but nice to give skills like Chi Realignment a bit more use. And these "traps" obviously use spirit magic rather than being mechanical, so the immunity is not justified.)
Tweaked obelisk summon skill mana costs. Tweaked obelisk mana pools & regeneration (Now also adjusted costs of summoning to always be above the regeneration rate * cooldown, so obelisks slowly run out of mana and (more importantly) slow down when mana drained. > Collecting enough mana for one summon (if not drained again) takes about 20s on all difficulties.)
Hero monsters receive 50/100 extra Defensive Ability in Epic/Legendary
Boss monsters receive 100/200 extra Defensive Ability in Epic/Legendary
Gave standard Undead resists to Elysian shades
Improved visual around city of Megara
Polished Athens city visual
Added missing vitality damage to Gates of Hell unique shield
Fixed: On the new 3rd UI tab “Attack Damage converted to Health” does not fit the window space
Fixed: When clicking on one of the three tabs in the character inventory menu it makes a sound. However our newly added third tab makes a different sound than the other two.
Changed The Army on the March sword to be of "Fast", not "Average" speed.
Changed Ahmoses Ceremonial Axe from “Average” to “Fast” speed.
Multiple small misspellings fixed;
Added +10% Total Damage stat to Chiyou’s Fall;
Fixed sarcophagi in Epic/Legendary Gadir Necropolis dropping normal items
Increased drop quality of the more rare Necropolis sarcophagus type
Increased item drop chances on Mudmen
Fixed an issue with TQ Workshop tool not handling correctly item ids larger than max number possible with int32
Removed login window in the Main Menu
Fixed an issue where, if the Auto-Party option was enabled on game hosting, a player would automatically return to the party right after being kicked out of the party: if this option is enabled on hosting, the host can now only ban the player from the session altogether; if the Auto-Party option is disabled, when kicked out of the party, the player remains in the game session and stays out of the party, unless invited again
Fixed a bug on teleporting where players would sometimes be teleported to a wrong location, seemingly random
Fixed an issue where an unpleasant noise could be heard if a player opens and closes loot menu with a gamepad in a quick succession
Added failsafe feature to Tartarus, to save player’s progression in case of a crash
Updated proxy placements within EE Egypt dungeons for better variety and gameplay
Reduced Ceremonial Axe/Armbands Mi drop chances further (specifically from quest related Wraiths located in the Funerary Temple Ruins)
Reduced Fallen Seers Mi staff drop chances from Chinese Wraith’s
Traps: Swapped Scorpion and Spider spawn mix for Scarab spawns
Several localization fixes in different languages
Undead monsters such as: Wraiths, Zombies, Ghosts, Rumor Monsters had the normal Undead resist skill, with an additional Negative 30 Life Resist in their base skills.Then Ragnarok modified them, gave them Ghost resist skill, which only has 50 Life Resist, but they got rid of the -30 Life Resist in the monsters base skills. We brought back the Undead resist for them.

Old Item Changes/Fixes:
Tiresias' Guide, Cestus, Theurgist's Ward, Chthonic Legwraps now form a set
Reduced Cestus armor value by 7 (to match other parts)
Horns of Vorenus, Armor of the Tireless Soldier, Gauntlets of Implacable Will, Dienekes' Iron Boots now form a set
Reduced Dienekes' Iron Boots armor value by 6 (to match other parts)
Light of Wu: Attack damage converted to health stat from 30 to 15 and removed the chance of it happening, now it is a constant.
1 BORAT6593 • 16:04, 2022-05-17
А кто-нибудь понял, что за новая валюта (или что это такое) появилась в инвентаре рядом с золотом? (справа от количества золота персонажа)
2 Jack • 16:18, 2022-05-17
Новая валюта, Электрум, добывается за убийство монстров с активными проклятиями. Чем больше Проклятий на игроке, тем больше Электрума предоставляется. Электрум — это новая валюта, которую игроки могут преобразовать позже в специальные сферы, которые дадут игрокам особое снаряжение.
3 neurosaw • 23:06, 2022-05-17
Забыли в этот раз шанс дропа порезать или я пропустил?
4 EAsakhnov • 11:14, 2022-05-18
Объясните чайнику, как этот патч установить. У меня НЕстимовская версия, просто Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition установлена.
5 Jack • 14:12, 2022-05-18
Ждать пока на торрентах появится репак. Отдельно патч не установишь
6 Huzkar • 13:18, 2022-05-19
святилища с проклятиями на всех уровнях сложности или только на легенде?
7 Steve_Hades • 19:57, 2022-05-19
На любой сложности.
8 dancool003 • 03:52, 2022-05-20
А чё за секретная комната новая в этом храме(находится за белыми святилищами в храме за стеной)? Я не пасхантер конешн, но там в руках одной из статуй повелитель( аидовская черепашка), у другой статуи нет ничего. Поместить в руки тоже вроде ничего нельзя, выбросить из инвентаря тоже пробовал, не работает. Нордики ещё не доделали это?
9 soul-eater4702 • 10:54, 2022-05-20
Я так понимаю что режим на двух игроков (на одной консоли) так и не исправили!?
10 1stihlic1 • 05:32, 2022-05-22
Как зайти в святилища с прокляттями? А то там путь закрыт.
11 shadow_ven • 09:37, 2022-05-22
Если в первом мире (Греция), то надо выйти из стартовой деревни, свернуть налево от игрока и двигаться держась левой стороны.
Там будет проход к святилищу.
12 1stihlic1 • 13:46, 2022-05-22
Нашёл. Спасибо)
13 Сергей8640 • 20:08, 2022-05-24
Где скачать?
14 1stihlic1 • 02:21, 2022-05-27
Мне "Стим" загрузил.
15 revanshniko • 15:47, 2022-05-27
У меня вход в святилище закрыт повозками! Что делать?
16 revanshniko • 18:02, 2022-05-27
Нашол! :p